For a variety of reasons you may wish to waive a delinquency fee for a tenant. The fees are created based on what the system sees as the delinquency parameters.

To Waive a delinquency Fee, from the Dashboard go to the tenant or unit in question. 

From this screen click on the Delinquency Status – Details link.  This window will open, showing one or more delinquent charges.

lesson imageMove your mouse and click on the item you wish to waive. The red box Undo Delinquency Action will appear.

lesson imageClick on the red box.  This small window, asking you to confirm your action, will appear.

lesson imageClick Yes.  This next small window will appear. Generally, if there are other delinquency notices for this tenant, this window will allow youto choose that status, if there are no more, this is the screen you will see, clickon the None radio button and then Submit.  If you do not wish to change their status, leave the little circle blank.

lesson image

You will be asked for a reason for your action.  You must enter some reason, your choice.

lesson imageWhen you click OK you have concluded the process and the new status will be reflected on the Dashboard.

If you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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