In the U.S., credit cards usually expire every 3 – 5 years. If your tenants are on auto-pay, at some point their card information may need to be updated. Here are some ways to accomplish that using QuikStor Cloud.

Delete the Old Card & Add the New One

In order to update the new card you’ll need to add it again to Cloud & re-set it up for autobilling.

  1. Select the tenant from the list.
  2. Go to Change Info
  3. Click on Auto-Billing tab
  4. Delete the current card
  1. Click OK when prompted
  1. Add the new card
  2. Set the card up for Auto-Pay

A new auto-billing agreement will be generated for the tenant with the updated card details.

Of course, this does require you to obtain the new card details by having the tenant come into the office or provide them over the phone. The good news is, your tenant can do this themselves in the online portal. Simply delete the expired card and then let the tenant know that, since their card is expired, they will need to log into their tenant portal online and provide updated billing information. This notice is easily sent by text or email and can cut down on the number of calls.

For a list of tenants whose cards are expired or about to expire, go to the Tenants with Payment Method on File report and sort by expiration date.

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