By default, the QuikStor Cloud self-storage software uses a tenants gate access code as the password for their first login.

Once a tenant logs in for the first time, they are asked to set a custom web password. They can reenter their gate code if they want to keep the password the same or, they can enter in any other password they desire.

Occasionally, a tenant will forget what they used as the password for the website.

If your tenant is reporting issues with logging into your website to make a payment or view their account activity, there are two options for assisting your tenant with gaining access. These are:

  • Resetting the web password on the Tenant Dashboard.
  • Ask the tenant to use the Forgot Password button

Resetting the Web Password on the Tenant Dashboard

  1. Find the tenants account in the main dashboard.
  2. Click “Reset Web Password” next to the Tenants Email Address
  3. Select Yes to confirm your action, or Cancel to go back.

Ask the Tenant to Use the Forgot Password Option

Tenants who have access to the main email address on file with the facility can reset their online password without involving the manager at all if your facility has that option enabled.

Simply instruct your tenant to visit your website, click the Login button and then use the Forgot Password button.

From there they will enter their email address. The program will automatically send them an email with a special link that can be used to set a new password.

Once they have added the new password, they can use it to login to the website.

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