The Template Management screen in Cloud allows you to customize just about every document sent to your tenants. You are able to customize different E-mail, SMS, or Document templates using placeholders designed to fill out your template with your facility and tenant information!

To access the Template Management screen, select “Configuration” then “Template Management”.

On this screen, you will see three different tabs: Email, SMS (Text), and Document.

  • Email – Select this tab to edit the email body for different System Events (i.e Move In, Move Out, First Late Notice, etc).
  • SMS (Text) – Select this tab to edit the SMS body for different System Events.
  • Document – Select this tab to edit the documents that generate for different System Events (i.e Lease Agreement, First Late Notice, Auto Billing Agreement, etc).

Editing Templates

Quikstor Cloud uses Placeholders to automatically fill in these templates with data stored in the database.
Some of these items include: Tenant Information, Facility Information, Unit Information, Lease Information, and Transaction information.

An example of how Placeholders look during template configuration

During editing, the placeholders are typically placed in brackets.
However, the finished product displays the information asked for. If the program does not find a value for a placeholder in the database, it will leave it blank.

Cloud utilizes TinyMCE, an advanced rich text editor, to customize your templates.
TinyMCE provides easy to use text editor for users of any skill set!
Advanced users have the capability to design their own documents using HTML!

Don’t forget to Save after making changes using the Green Save Button, or your changes will not display on new documents!
If the Save button is not green, please ensure your document has a Name and Description!

If you run into any issues, have any questions, or want to provide feedback, please email: [email protected]

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