Many storage facilities use specials to help increase occupancy. Whether you want to set up a new tenant special or an existing tenant special, the steps are very similar.

  1. Go to Configuration -> Revenue Optimization
  2. Select “List of Specials”
  3. Select Add Special
  4. Select your options.

Options on the Specials Screen

setting up storage specials

1. Basic Options

  • Active: When set to ON the special is active. Set to OFF (left) the special is not active.
  • Available at Facility: Determines whether this special appears on the move-in window inside of the Cloud Application. If your facility offers online ONLY specials, and you do not want your managers to have the ability to use those specials during in-person move-ins, you would want to select this button.
  • Available Online: Use this slider if you want the special to appear on your website.

2. Pro-Rate Options

  • No Pro-Rate: This option is only available for anniversary facilities. When set, no pro-rate will be applied during the special. First of the month facilities can not use this option.
  • Free: The special will pro-rate the tenant to the first. The tenant will not be charged for the pro-rated days.
    Note: When choosing this option, if the tenant moves in on the 2nd, they would be getting almost a month free if this option is selected.
  • Full: The tenant is charged the full amount for the pro-rate.
    Note: If you have a $100 unit and your special is 50% off for the 1st 2 months, the pro-rate will be calculated based on the scheduled rent, not the special rent.
  • $: Use this option to charge a fixed dollar amount for the pro-rate.
  • %: Use this option to charge a percentage discount of the scheduled rent for the pro-rate.
    Note: If you have a unit whose scheduled rate is $100 and you set this value to 50%, the software would charge $50 for the pro-rate regardless of what day they move in (i.e. the 2nd or the 22nd).

3. Special Name

Use this section to set the name for your special. This name will be shown in your software and/or online (depending on the options set in #1 above).

4. Start Date

This is the date your special first becomes available. The setting defaults to today’s date but you can schedule a special to start in the future as well.

5. End Date

This is the date your special expires. If your special should not expire, leave this field blank.

6. Coupon Code

If this special requires a coupon code, add it here. Note that when a coupon code is set, the special is not available at the facility or online. This allows for better tracking of the use of coupons. If you want a coupon for a special as well as allowing the manager to have access, you will need to add the same special twice. Once with the coupon code and once without.

7. Description

In order to create a special you must add a description in at least one language.

8. Select Units

These radio buttons allow you to choose whether this special is available for all units or only selected unit types.

9. Preview/Example Pane

As you go through the options above, the preview pane will update with how your changes would apply to an example unit. You can use this pane to make adjustments as needed.

10. Create

Click the create button to finalize and save the special

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