There are two main ways to setup a tenant for automatic payments. You can do this at any time without taking a payment or, as part of any normal payment. Let’s walk through both scenarios.

Auto Pay Setup with No Payment

Sometimes a tenant would asked to be set up for auto pay mid month where you don’t want to take a payment. For example, the tenant’s due date is July 1st but it’s just June 23rd and he wants to be set up for auto pay so that his next payment comes up automatically going forward. You can check if Auto Billing Enabled is still a No if you click on his name on the Tenant’s Dashboard.

Let’s go ahead and set this up.

  1. Click on Change Info.

2. Click on Auto Billing then Add Payment Method.

3. Select Credit Card if the tenant wants to be set up with a credit card and click OK.

4. Add the credit card details. The Process CC setting refers to the number of days after the due date the tenant wants the payment to be processed. So if we set it to 0, this will process on the tenant’s due date. If you have a tenant who needs that payment pushed out a couple of days but before the late fee, you can set it up to be 3 days after the due date.

5. A new window will pop up to confirm if we want to use it for Auto Billing, just click Yes.

6. Now you will see that the tenant has been set up for Auto Billing. Click Ok.

Back on the Tenant Dashboard, you will see that Auto Billing is now enabled for this tenant.

Auto Pay Setup with Payment

If you have a tenant that wants to make a payment now and also use that card or ACH account that they’re using for the payment as their auto billing, you can easily do that.

1: Click on the tenant. Click Payment.

2: Enter the payment details. Slide the slider for Save Method for File and Set as Auto Billing. You can Save the Method for File so that is available for example the tenant wants to call in a payment but if you want the system to automatically run the payment, you need to set it for auto billing.

Step 3: Click OK.

Once the payment has been made, you can now see that this tenant has now Auto Billing enabled.

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