The reports center acts as a hub for all of the convenient reports you can pull for your storage facility. There are a few basic features of this area that you should be aware of including:

  • Showing Icons
  • Setting Favorites
  • Searching for Reports
  • QuickBooks Export
  1. Click on Reports from the main menu. You will find all of the reports in alphabetical order.

2. You can use the toggle to see a preview of what the reports look like to give you an idea of whether that is the report that you are looking for.

3. If there are reports that you use on a regular basis, you can click the star to set it as a favorite.

4. Any reports on your favorite list will be stored under Favorite Reports. Click on this to see only the reports you starred.

5. You can use the category labels to look for the reports based on the area of the program or function they pertain to.

6. You can use the search box if you’re looking for a report or function but you’re not sure of the report name or which report has it.

7. You can also find Quickbook Exports in the Reports area, and then you can select the date range of the Quickbook Export.

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