This article will show you how to transfer a Unit. When it comes to transferring a unit, the only requirement is that the tenant’s paid to date (PTD) must be current. Otherwise, you will get an error. Please view the video below on how to initiate a transfer:

To initiate a transfer, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the unit you’re trying to transfer.
  2. Click the Transfer button to initiate transfer.
  3. The transfer dialog box will populate with the available units to transfer the new unit.
  4. Once you’ve made your selection, and clicked on Next. You will see the following prompt to add a transfer fee and the pro-rate rent for the difference between the two units (if there is one).
  5. Once you’re ready you can proceed with the transfer which will initiate a payment for the transfer fee and the difference in the pro-rate rent.

When there is an amount for the transfer fee or pro-rate rent, you’ll be informed if you would like to proceed with payment, however, if the tenant is not ready to pay. Click NO, and the amount can be added as a debit on the account.

If you need additional assistance, please reach out to [email protected] with a detailed message outlining your issue, and one of our techs will reach out!

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