Quikstor Cloud lets managers take deposits for reservations. These deposits can be applied towards the eventual move in of your customer. Read below to learn more!

Taking a Reservation Deposit

To start, find your vacant unit. This is easily done in Cloud by setting the filter to “Show Just Vacant.”

Once you’ve found your unit, select “Reserve Unit.”

On this next screen, fill out the tenant information to the best of your ability.

Once the information is filled out, select “Payment” along the top.
This screen will show you the scheduled rent for the unit, and can be adjusted to give the tenant a different rental rate. You will also see an Admin fee field which displays your facilities admin fee.
Fill out the payment fields, and select your payment type to process the payment.

Once your payment is done, the dashboard will display the tenants name with blue text. This is to indicate it is a reservation.
It will also show you how much your tenant prepaid.

Applying your Reservation Deposit for a Move-In

First, find your reserved unit. Select “Move In” and fill out the rest of the required information needed to process the move in.

Select “Financial – Move In” when all of your information is filled out.
On this screen, double check the monthly rent, add any additional charges (retail sales, security deposit, or admin fee) and collect your payment information, then select how the tenant will be signing their lease and select Move In.

Congratulations! Your tenant has been moved in with the reservation deposit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]!

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