Adding a featured image to your tenant’s dashboard can help you quickly know if you’re speaking with the correct tenant that rented your unit. If you’d like to have this set up, please follow the steps below:

  1. Find a tenant you’d like to add a featured image.
  2. Click on the Upload tab.
  3. Click on the +Add New button.
  4. Once the ‘Upload Item’ dialog box populates, you can drag your image on it or browse through your computer’s directory to upload your image.
  5. Once the ‘Upload Item’ dialog box populates, please fill out the necessary information.
    1. Once ‘Set as Feature Image’ is toggled, you’ll get this option to crop the picture for the best viewpoint.
    2. Description: Give a description that best describes the image being uploaded.
    3. File Category: From the drop-down, you have a couple of options to categorize your uploaded files.
    4. Set as Featured Image: Toggle this option if the uploaded image is the one you’d like to have featured on the tenants’ dashboard.

If you need additional assistance, please reach out to [email protected] with a detailed message outlining your issue, and one of our techs will reach out!

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