While it is possible to use a non-integrated credit card processor with Cloud, when recording the payment in the software there are additional steps that must be followed to ensure the payment is recorded accurately.

1. Process the tenant’s credit card payment through your credit card processor as you normally would. This may be online through a payment portal or by using a card reader.

2. In Cloud, select the tenant from the Units menu, then click the Payment button.

3. Select the appropriate Payment Type (One Month, Two Month, Outstanding, or Make a Different Payment), then make any adjustments necessary to reflect the amount of the payment you just processed.

4. Select Cash for the payment method and click OK to run the payment as cash.

Now you’ll need to edit the payment method from Cash to Credit Card.

5. Click on Operations, then select Void & Reverse Payments from the dropdown menu.

6. Find the Cash payment you just made (most recent payments are at the top of the list), and click the Change Method button.

7. Select Card from the Payment Method choices presented. You’ll then be prompted to input the credit card information.

  • All fields must be filled.
  • You can enter any 16 numbers of your choosing in the credit card field and any 3 in the CVV field.
  • Make sure the expiration month and year are beyond the current date.

8. Once you click Confirm, you’ll be prompted to put in a reason for changing the payment method. This is required, and will be recorded on the Notes in the Tenant Profile.

9. Click OK to save the note. You’ll now see that the Payment Method is listed as Credit Card.

Using a non-integrated payment processor does leave room for error when it comes to correctly recording credit card payments in your Cloud system. Be sure to follow the steps outlined above to properly record third party credit card transactions to ensure the accuracy of your facility’s financial reports.

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