‘Paid-to-Date’ is a standard feature across all Self-Storage Management software. Some may refer to it as ‘Paid-Thru Date’, but it all means the same thing!
It determines what date your tenant is paid through. Cloud allows you to easily view this information at a glance from the Dashboard.

Changing the PTD can be done by navigating to the tenant’s account and selecting the blue “Change” button next to “Paid To.”

Once clicked, you’ll be met with a screen where you can see the tenants information, along a field for the new Paid To Date.
Set the Paid To Date you would like to move it to and select “Debit” or “Credit” to apply a Debit or Credit for the rent difference.
Enter your reason and select Save to save your work.

Did you get an error message stating Paid to date change is not allowed for units with scheduled rent change?
If so, simply apply a credit for the amount of the rent and Make a Payment with the credit applied. This will process a PTD change.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]!

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