Bounced checks are an unfortunate part of running a Self Storage. Fortunately, Cloud lets you undo the payment, and apply the NSF fee in one simple step.
If the NSF fee needs to be edited, please go to Configurations -> Client Configuration -> Edit, then set the NSF Fee Amount in the appropriate field.

How to Apply NSF Fee:

  1. Select Operations -> Void and Reverse Payments
  2. Set the Filter to ‘All’ and search for your Check / ACH Payment.
  3. Select ‘Undo‘ and keep the slider enabled to add the NSF Fee. Disable it to reverse the payment with no NSF Fee.
  4. Add your note, then select ‘Reverse
  5. You are all done! Navigate to the tenant’s account, and the NSF Fee should be applied, along with their PTD and Balance reverting to before the payment was made.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]!