From the Dashboard the Tenant Information is displayed on the right side panel. Click on Other Options to display this window.

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Click on the Tenant Debit/Credit button and this window opens.

lesson imageIt defaults to the gray Credit tab, if you are crediting the Tenant funds, enter the correct credit amount and click the Submit button which will darken when an amount is entered.

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If you wish to charge the merchant a fee click on the Debit tab. 

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This window opens showing all of the potential charges setup in the Add’l Income Categories Setup in the Cloud Configuration, Client Management module.

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This site was setup without any specification as to what should normally be charged for each of the items listed.  

Even if it were setup with specified charges, you would have to enter an amount.  

lesson imageHere the operator has added a charge for U-Haul for $50.  When that is entered the Submit button is darkened.  I that is the only charge you are entering and it is the correct amount, click on the Submit button.

The system asks for a Reason for the debit.  You must provide the entry of some text, or the OK button will not darken and you will not be able to save the charge/debit. 

lesson imageHere is a specified Reason for the U-Haul charge.

This same procedure can also account for multiple charges at the same time.  No matter how many charges are entered in one session, there is only one Reason window presented for notes and explanations.

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