The daily report is one of the most widely utilized reports in our management software. Here is a quick look of what items are included in this report:

How To Access Daily Reports:

  1. From the main menu, click on Reports.
  1. Look for Daily Reports then click on it. By default, this report always pulls for the previous day.

Sections of the Daily Report:

  1. Payments – shows all of the payments taken
  1. Payment Totals – shows the breakdown of various payments (cash, check and credit card) and the categories of the payments.
  1. Monthly Breakdown – shows the monthly payment breakdown for the last 6 months and years of the same day. It also shows the number of vacant units, total of vacant rent, total square feet area, vacant square feet area, receivables and occupied rent.
  1. Daily Move Ins & Move Outs – shows the list of units that have been vacated and moved in.
  1. Unit Rental Stats – shows the summary of the total rentals, vacates and leads for the day, week, month, since 1st of the month and 1st of quarter.
  1. Yearly collection – shows the total collection for the current and previous years.
  1. Unit Stats – shows how many units are occupied and are vacated.
  1. Aged Receivables – shows the count for your delinquencies organized by how far delinquent they are and the total money owed for those tenants.
  1. Manager Discretionary Transactions – shows the list of discretionary transactions made by your managers for the day. It also shows the type of transaction made. This report can be exported to pdf or be automatically be emailed to you.

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