Modifying your documents in QuikStor Cloud is a fairly simple process.

Step1: Go to Configurations and click on Template Management.

Step2: Click on Documents. Locate the document that you want to customize. Let’s start with the Lease Agreement just to show the basics of customizing a document. Click Edit.

Step3: Most documents when you start in cloud are set default. Slide the toggle to set it to custom which will allow you to make changes. Set the name of the template. If the template uses e-signature, be sure to slide the slider to set that to on.

Step4: Look for the corresponding placeholder that you need on the lefthand side. Just expand the section.
So for example, if you want the Alternate Name, just position the cursor then double click on the placeholder.

Once you are done customizing the template. Click Save.

Step5: You can preview the document by clicking the preview button.

* Keep in mind though that this preview is not 100% accurate

The best way to test a preview is to do a move in and then print the document.

Note: You can set checkboxes, signatures and initials but they won’t populate until the lease is presented for signature.

If you have difficulty adding in your agreement, feel free to reach out to the support team and we can try to help and lead you to the right direction. Keep in mind that we can’t do the lease for you but if you’re having trouble, we’ll be happy to help.

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