Sending texts to your storage tenants is a great way to communicate with them routinely. Most people always have their cell phones with them all the time so it is a convenient way to make sure they get important notices and alerts.

QuikStor Cloud can send out a variety of texts to your tenants automatically. While we have included generic, default templates, each automated text template can be customized to fit your facilities needs. Here is how:

  1. Go to Configuration -> Template Management
  2. Click on the SMS(Text) Tab
  3. Locate the text message you want to modify and click the Edit button

On the default template, you’ll see we have included some placeholders where appropriate. The number and type of placeholder can also be customized by you.

  1. To customize the template, slide the slider next to the word Default.
  2. Set a name for your custom template and a description if you like.
  3. You may now customize the text message. Be sure to use placeholders from the menu at left for any words or amounts that should be customized on a per tenant basis.
  4. Click Save to save your custom template.

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