With the QuikStor Cloud credit card information, once a transaction has been sent to the processor, any reversals or chargebacks initiated by the tenant will not automatically update in your software.

The credit card company will send you a notification that the chargeback (tenant initiated reversal) has occured. To process a credit card chargeback in QuikStor Cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Operations -> Void and Reverse Payments
Operations Menu - Void & Reverse Option
  1. Locate the payment you need to reverse.

Tip: Use the filters to quickly find the correct tenant or payment method.

using filters to void and reverse tenant payments
  1. Click Undo on the payment that was reversed.
  2. Verify the details are correct. If so, make sure the slider for “Send to Payment Processor?” is in the OFF position.
reversing a credit card payment
  1. Click Confirm
  2. Enter your notes
entering notes for tenant chargeback

Adding a Chargeback Fee

The process above will correct the tenants paid to date and account balance but, it will not add any fees. If you wish to charge your tenant a fee for the chargeback, you may do so by following these steps:

  1. From the tenant dashboard, navigate to the unit.
  2. Click Other Options -> Tenant Debit/Credit
other options - tenant debit credit
  1. Click the debit tab and enter the amount you wish to charge the tenant in the appropriate category. In this example, I have a Chargeback Fee category configured and have added a $35 charge in that field.
  1. Click Submit to continue
  2. Enter your notes and press OK.
  3. You can now click on the word Balance in the tenant information window to view your tenants balance. It will look something like this.
tenant balance after chargeback fee

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