The Third Party Import tool is a tool designed by Quikstor to allow your Infinity or Guardian keypad system to communicate with Cloud. It runs in the background and sends gate activity to Cloud, while receiving key code updates or commands from Cloud (i.e Open Gate, Close Gate, or Tenant App commands)

If your facility is running Infinity or Guardian keypads, it is important to know the function of this tool and how to check if it’s running or not.

The Third Party Import tool icon is a Blue Arrow with a grey line underneath and will be located in your Action Center (bottom right hand corner of your screen to the left of the Date and Time). If you don’t see it there, try pressing the arrow button up to see if it’s listed there. If not, search for the icon on your desktop and click it.

When opened, the Third Party Tool looks like this:

Selecting “File” will give you options to do a “CloudGate: Full Data Dump” or “Push Gate Activities”.
CloudGate: Full Data Dump – Sends all codes currently present in Cloud to the keypads. Useful if a code is not working at the keypad.
Push Gate Activities – Sends all activity in keypads to Cloud. Useful if activity is not uploading to Cloud.

Selecting “Report” will allow you to do a CSV Export of your Gate / Sensor Activity, Gate Codes, Sensor Status, or Tamper Status.
You can select a date range or filter by unit, then select “Create Report” to generate a CSV report that can be opened in Excel.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]!

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