Sometimes it’s nice to conveniently offer tenants a link in their email, .pdf and/or text messages that they receive from your facility. This could be a link to the account login screen, payment page, etc.

First you will need to copy the URL to the page you want your customers to see when they click the link. Then, follow the steps below depending which document template you are adding the link to.

Email & Print

  1. Go to Configuration/Template Management
  2. Select the Email or Document Tabs depending on which template you are adding the link to.
  3. Select Edit for the template you want to add the web address to
  4. Check that the slider is in the “Custom” position
  1. Add whatever text you want to use for the link. (You could also use an image)
  1. Highlight the words and then click the link button in the main toolbar for the most options.
  1. Insert your link information and options.
  1. Click Save
  2. Your text will now be linked to your webpage.


For text messages, you will simply paste the whole URL in the text message like this:

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